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SimpliSafe -Video Doorbell

Usability Testing

SimpliSafe is a company focused on creating affordable and effective home security systems that are self-installed by consumers. At SimpliSafe, I worked on improving the user experience for smart home products – including the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell.

The Challenge

With just a few months before the product was set to ship, we needed to ensure that the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell was easy and intuitive for customers to install.

The Process

Teaming with an intern who initiated the study, we organized, moderated and analyzed a usability study of folks installing the video doorbell in their homes.

I focused on issues with the physical installation of the doorbell, as well as ways that the instructions and packaging could be improved to clarify the installation process.

Our usability study revealed several pain points for our users. For one, the tiny screws provided where frequently dropped and sometimes lost, making it impossible to attach the electrical wires. Secondly, users found out only after they had installed it, that the mounting bracket required clearance at the top.


I presented these usability issues to the product team, along with suggested fixes. For the first issue the industrial designer investigated affordable design changes that he could make just before the product launched – including adding extra screws. To help prevent the clearance issue, I made the instructions clearer and tested changes to the packaging to illustrate how much clearance was needed.

Analysis of tasks


The top usability issues was frustration with attaching wiring with small screws


Another usability issue was lack of clearance to install the doorbell to the mounting bracket


I tested adding a physical reminder to the mounting bracket to demonstrate how much space was needed.

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