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Genesys -Account Manager

Responsive Design | Prototyping | Usability Testing

The redesign of the application, Account Manager, helped transform SoundBite (later Genesys) from a voice-centric collections service company to a multi-channel proactive customer care solution.


To align with the company's expanded services Account Manager needed to be redesigned, However, customers were understandably resistant to any change being made after rejecting a previous redesign. 


As a designer I aimed to design a product that lived-up to the company's marketing message of a multi-channel customer care solution while improving existing usability issues.


To ensure customer acceptance, I conducted extra customer outreach - more interviewing, soliciting feedback on designs, and usability testing. ​In addition we also published a beta version of the site, allowing customers to try out the product and give us feedback before the official launch. Once the product was launched we educated customers about the benefits of the changes.

Responsive & Mobile Design

Usability Testing

I identified customers' pain points, prototyped, conducted usability tests, and made iterative improvement based on feedback.

Explaining the benefits of the redesign to our customers was critical to its success

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